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Ancient Egypt:
Explore the exhibits at the British Museum

Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans for Teachers:

Cartoon of Ancient Egypt: Choose an ordinary citizen of ancient Egypt by occupation. Draw a cartoon strip entitled “A Day in the Life of . . .” with four scenes from that person’s daily life.

Catal Huyuk was successful in agriculture and that success made specialization possible. a) Write a paragraph about specialization in modern as well as ancient communities. b) List jobs for a modern community and for an ancient community. c) Next, write two Help-Wanted ads: one for a modern community and one for an ancient one. Look in the Help-Wanted section of a newspaper to see what should be included in your job description.

Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative:

Egyptian Book of the Dead:

Egyptian Jewelery - Think of yourself as an ancient Egyptian jeweler commissioned to design a gift for a pharaoh to give to a loved one. Design your creation with colored pencils, markers, crayons, or on the computer.

Egyptian Math Problems:

Guardian's Egypt:
Guardian's Ancient Egypt Kid Connection:

Hatshepsut and Curren News - Using current news stories about trade relations--between the United States and other countries or among nations formed into trading blocs--relate it to Hatshepsut’s expedition. Especially tell the importance of trade to nations from ancient times to the present.

How Mummies Work:

Mummification Story:

Neferchichi's tomb:

Nile River - Review its source and outlet--downhill from East Africa’s snowcapped mountains to the Mediterranean. Make a three-dimensional clay model to reflect this “higher in the south, lower in the north” topography. Cut a “riverbed” and make a depression for the Mediterranean.

River Flow Demonstration - Make a demonstration of the way a river flows by using potting soil, a foil baking pan, and a pitcher of water. Replicate the downhill flow of a river and tell about the path the water takes at the bottom. Try to use the vocabulary words from the lesson.

Sribe - List a scribe’s job. Next, write a paragraph about how the jobs let the scribe contribute to the community. Last, write a paragraph about ways that written records help your community run smoothly.

The Treasures of Tutankhamun’s Tom - Create you own picture book. In it, include pictures that you draw of at least six of the treasures, and each should include a caption that explains the artifact’s significance and describes the materials used and the craftwork that went into it.

Tour Egypt:

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